Supporting transformational climate change projects worldwide

UK Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions (UK PACT) is a programme funded by the UK Government. UK PACT supports countries that strive to overcome barriers to clean growth and have high emissions reduction potential to accelerate their climate change mitigation efforts.

The UK PACT offer

Funded by the UK’s International Climate Finance, the UK PACT programme (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions) has provided funding for projects and skill-shares across three continents since 2018.


How UK PACT delivers impact

UK PACT delivers capacity-building activities through three components: Country Programmes, Skill-Shares and Secondments and the Green Recovery Challenge Fund. Our delivery model creates opportunities for synergies, knowledge sharing and learning between projects.


Country Programmes

Delivered by Palladium International Limited, support innovative projects in China, Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa. Projects provide capacity building in partner countries’ priority sectors as identified by country context and government demand.

Green Recovery
Challenge Fund

Green Recovery Challenge Fund

Delivered by ICF Consulting Services Ltd., provides support for innovative capacity-building projects in a wider range of ODA-eligible countries to promote emissions reductions and low-carbon solutions. It also delivers the Country Programmes component in Nigeria.

& Secondments

Skill-Shares & Secondments

Delivered by PA Consulting Services Limited, provide short-term peer-to-peer skill shares with country counterparts and long-term secondments into key institutions.


UK PACT at a glance

Committed funding



Learn about our projects and what they are achieving on our Projects page.


Live projects

Skill-Shares and Secondments