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The UK and Kenya have committed to work together to accelerate action on climate change while creating green jobs, and UK PACT is key to delivering this partnership.

Kenya has demonstrated regional leadership in tackling climate change and encouraging climate-resilient growth. This shared vision has resulted in a history of successful collaboration through the Energy Transition Council, the Economic Partnership Agreement and the UK-Kenya Strategic Partnership 2020-2025. The two countries will work together to demonstrate global leadership on climate and environmental issues by: deploying expertise on climate finance, resilience and adaptation, renewable energy, biodiversity, and science and technology; creating green jobs; and facilitating peer learning.

Kenya’s Nationally Determined Contribution has committed the country to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 32% by 2030. Within this, five sectors have been identified with potential for a 60% emission reduction by 2030. In the first round of funding, Kenya-UK PACT is supporting eight projects in two of those priority sectors: energy and nature-based solutions (forestry and land use), and will continue to scope further areas of potential support. Learn about these projects in the carousel below.

Portfolio of projects

The current Kenya-UK PACT portfolio consists of eight projects across two sectors:

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Additional funding opportunities coming soon

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