Country Funds

The Country Funds, formerly Country Programmes, provide grant funding for capacity-building projects in line with priorities identified in collaboration with partner countries.

What is it?

Country Funds are one of the delivery mechanisms under UK PACT. They work in partnership with countries that strive to overcome barriers and constraints to clean growth and have high emissions reduction potential to help them achieve their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

What are we looking for?

Country Funds provide grants for capacity-building projects in priority areas, which are delivered by selected implementing partners (such as NGOs, businesses, academia). A lack of enabling frameworks or clear project pipelines are cited as the two biggest barriers to implementing climate targets under the Paris Agreement. UK PACT carries out extensive engagement with partner governments and context analysis in partner countries to identify strategic sectors and priorities where UK PACT funding can be used most effectively. The programme then invites proposals from the market for projects which respond to the priorities agreed with each partner country.

Our projects work closely with key government stakeholders across different departments at local, regional and national levels. This multi-scale approach ensures we address the full spectrum of barriers to climate transitions, wherever they occur.

Where we operate

When the first phase of UK PACT launched in 2018, grant funding was allocated to three Country Funds: China, Colombia and Mexico, where a total of 34 projects was funded. The second funding round in 2020 also supported programming with Malaysia and South Africa and a total of 49 new projects were funded across five countries. In 2021 the Country Funds were extended to Indonesia, Kenya and Nigeria. More recently, we have launched additional Country Fund projects in India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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China has the opportunity to play a critical and fundamental role in tackling climate change, through its influence and approach domestically, regionally and globally.


UK PACT has partnered with Colombia, a country with a strong commitment to international and domestic action on climate change and sustainable growth.


Indonesia has great potential for a low-carbon transition in the urban transport, energy efficiency and carbon pricing sectors.


The UK and Kenya have committed to work together to accelerate action on climate change while creating green jobs.


Malaysia has seen significant shifts in the climate governance landscape over the last few years and UK PACT is proud to be a partner in further accelerating strategic climate action.


UK PACT has partnered with Mexico, a country with a rich history of commitment to climate action and deep history of alliance with the UK.

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UK PACT is partnering with Nigeria to support the implementation of its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and deliver ambitious action on climate mitigation.

South Africa

UK PACT has partnered with South Africa to support action on just transition pathways and a low carbon economic recovery.

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