Mexico-UK PACT


UK PACT has partnered with Mexico, a country with a rich history of commitment to climate action and alliance with the UK.

Mexico was among the first countries to pass comprehensive climate change legislation and submit its Nationally Determined Contribution ahead of the 2015 Paris Agreement, allowing it to become a key influencer in the region. Through the Partnership for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, Mexico and the UK have committed to collaboration and increased investment in social, economic and environmental sustainability.  International Climate Finance programmes such as UK PACT are supporting action to deliver the Partnership’s objectives.  

Mexico-UK PACT supports projects that respond to Mexico’s emerging priorities, while achieving greenhouse gas emission and poverty reductions. Since the first round of funding launched in 2018, Mexico-UK PACT has funded projects, skill-shares and secondments across five priority sectors: finance, mobility, low-carbon policy, energy, and nature. Following a successful implementation of the first phase of Mexico-UK PACT, the second round of funding was launched in August 2020. Check our portfolio below.

Check how IDOM and Iluméxico are helping reduce carbon emissions whilst closing inequality gaps:



Our portfolio

Our portfolio includes 14 projects in sectors with the greatest potential for UK PACT to support Mexico's inclusive economic growth.

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Check our projects below

How we are making an impact through our projects

Our projects respond to Mexico's priorities and focus on the themes that will have the greatest impact in supporting the country achieve its carbon reduction targets.

Developing sustainable energy access strategies in Mexico

Led by: Iluméxico

Expanding sustainable infrastructure for electric vehicles in urban transport

Led by: Centro de Transporte Sustentable de México (WRI México)

Supporting sustainable farming and agriculture in Mexico’s rural south

Led by: Pronatura Sur A.C.

Accelerating the local implementation of low-carbon projects and sustainable development

Led by: IDOM IIngeniería S.A. de C.V.

Strengthening the use of earth observation platforms to reduce deforestation in three states in Mexico

Led by: Ecometrica Ltd

Last mile distribution project in the Historic Centre of Mexico City: loading and unloading bays

Led by: Cal y Mayor

Accelerating the electrification of public transport in Mexico City

Led by: Dalberg Advisors (Asesores en Desarrollo Dalberg S. de R.L.)

Strengthening the design of pop-up active mobility infrastructure in Mexico

Led by: Bikencity

Embedding green finance with Mexico’s financial regulator

Led by: Global Green Growth Institute

Establishing the Mexican Climate Finance Hub as the pre-eminent resource for green finance

Led by: MexiCO2

Strengthening climate change sub-national legislation

Led by: Soluciones en Legislación y Política Ambiental A.C. (Polea)

Solar Ejidos, a renewable energy project to foster social prosperity in rural communities and climate change mitigation

Led by: Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM)