Accelerating the electrification of public transport in Mexico City

Led by:  Dalberg Advisors (Asesores en Desarrollo
              Dalberg S. de R.L.) 
Sector:  Mobility

"With the coordinated support of the ICCT and Dalberg for its implementation, this UK PACT project is a lever that will support the RTP in achieving its vision, moving towards a zero emissions fleet through the electrification of its units and contributing to improving the quality of life for the inhabitants of Mexico City."

- Israel Ramirez Zuñiga, Head of Quality and Environmental Departmental Control Unit, Red de Transporte de Pasajeros (RTP)

This project has analysed the legal, technical and financial requirements needed to ramp up the adoption of electric buses and trolleybuses in Mexico City. In its next phase, the project will expand support to electrification beyond Metrobus to the Transport Passenger Network (RTP), the Mexico City governmnent-owned and operated public transport organisation that offers bus services. RTP’s fleet operates around 1300 buses throughout Mexico City and other Mexican states. In addition, the project will help SEMOVI , Mexico City’s Ministry of Mobility, to execute technical demand studies and develop financial models and recommendations for concession agreements suitable for the Avenida Azteca. The Avenida Azteca corridor extension will connect two trolleybus lines and one metrobus line, thus improving mobility for a large area of Mexico City.

Overall, the project’s work will allow regulators and system operators to improve purchase decisions, route planning, fleet management and simulation modelling towards electrification.