Raising Concerns

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is committed to ensuring high standards of conduct in all that it does. UK PACT Delivery Partners are each governed by a strict Code of Conduct, which includes treating each other with respect, being accountable and taking responsibility for our actions.

This is especially crucial when we work in challenging environments and with vulnerable people. We have zero tolerance for misconduct and abuse, and we all acknowledge our responsibility to report inappropriate behaviour if we witness it.

To ensure that we’re all held to account, the email addresses below facilitate the reporting of any possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct. They are available to be used by our delivery partners as well as clients, contractors, suppliers, and anyone else who encounters us. By using the email addresses, concerns can be raised and if any action is needed, resolved at the appropriate level with no reprisals for the whistleblower.

Please use these email addresses to report aid diversion, corruption, fraud, bribery, human trafficking, slavery, child abuse, sexual exploitation/abuse/harassment, terrorism funding, and other violations related to UK PACT, its Delivery Partners, its projects or our staff. You may be asked for further information.

Please report concerns related to; aid diversion, fraud, corruption or financial irregularities at: counterfraud@beis.gov.uk

Please report any safeguarding concerns, including but not limited to human trafficking, slavery, child abuse, sexual exploitation/abuse/harassment, at: odasafeguardingconcerns@beis.gov.uk