Malaysia-UK PACT


Malaysia has seen significant shifts in the climate governance landscape over the last few years and UK PACT is proud to be a partner in further accelerating strategic climate action.

Malaysia continues to make progress on its international climate commitments evidenced most recently by the government’s announcement that it will formulate a National Adaptation Plan (MyNAP) to tackle climate change. The UK and Malaysia have agreed to share best practices and approaches for climate action. The two countries have a unique opportunity to work together to address this global challenge. Following commitments made during COP26, the UK and Malaysia further strengthened their co-operation on tackling

the climate crisis by signing a new partnership agreement in June 2022.

UK PACT is well positioned to share expertise and build capacity to advance a long-term climate transition agenda in Malaysia. The areas of focus for Malaysia-UK PACT are: low carbon planning, nature, energy and green finance. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its socio-economic impact in Malaysia, we also welcomed innovative projects that respond to green recovery. 

Portfolio of projects

Following the launch of Malaysia-UK PACT in July 2020, five projects were selected in the following priority sectors for Malaysia:

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How we are making an impact through our projects

Our capacity-building projects are helping Malaysia step up its low-carbon and nature preservation transition plans. Watch these videos to discover two impactful projects by Forever Sabah and Rimba.



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Our projects are targeted and transformative. Find out more how they are achieving carbon, nature preservation, and social benefits.

Developing a low-carbon city planning system for PLANMalaysia

Project lead: Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

Green economy policy for Sarawak

Project lead: PwC Malaysia

Renewable energy rural electrification roadmap for Sabah

Project lead: Forever Sabah

Enabling private sector investments into nature-based solutions in Terengganu

Project lead: Nature Based Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (formerly, Rimba)

Harnessing green finance through climate risk management and opportunities

Project lead : WWF-UK