Colombia-UK PACT


UK PACT is partnering with Colombia, a country with a strong commitment to international and domestic action on climate change and sustainable growth.

Colombia and the UK are close allies in addressing climate change. Through the “Partnership for Sustainable Growth”, the two countries are working together to accelerate emissions reductions and drive climate action in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Both countries came forward with ambitious commitments at COP26 and will continue to work closely in the coming years to make these commitments a reality.

The Colombia-UK PACT programme has funded 34 projects to date as 

well as over 15 complementary skills-shares, which are already delivering real world change to support sustainable growth and emissions reductions. In Colombia, the programme is focused on supporting nature (including sustainable livelihoods and nature-based solutions), low-carbon policy, mobility, energy and finance, as means to supporting climate action. 

About Colombia-UK PACT

How is UK PACT supporting Colombia's climate transition in forests and conservation, clean growth, and the protection of biodiversity?

Learn what current UK PACT implementing partners are doing to step up action in these areas:

UK PACT Thematic video - Colombia (ENG)

Colombia-UK PACT project portfolio

Our projects are delivering climate action across these priority areas for Colombia:

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