Supporting the roll-out of smart grid technologies in Colombia phase 2: moving forward to implementation

Led by:  Carbon Trust
Sector:  Energy

"This project is vital for Colombia to achieve its enhanced NDC target cost-effectively. Without smart grids, Colombia will pay an additional cost of USD42M per year to reach its NDC commitment by 2030. Smart grids can help Colombia have a more resilient, equitable and environmentally sustainable energy system"

- Mauricio Riveros, Senior Manager, Carbon Trust

The project aims to accelerate the deployment of smart grid technologies in Colombia. It has been implemented in 2 phases. The first phase prioritised the necessary actions for the deployment, including the quantification of system benefits and avoided emissions. The second phase will evaluate the benefit for end users, upskill relevant stakeholders, enabling the development of a pipeline of smart energy projects and facilitating access to finance.

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