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GESI: Considerations and guidance for your project

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UK PACT Grant Agreement

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What is UK PACT?

UK PACT (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions) is a flagship programme under the UK’s International Climate Finance (ICF) portfolio. The UK is committed to tackling climate change and is investing £11.6bn via ICF over the five years to March 2026. UK PACT was established in 2018 with £70m funding for an initial three-year period. In September 2021, the UK Prime Minister announced £200m of new funding for UK PACT to continue its delivery and grow as a programme over the next three years to March 2025.

UK PACT works with partner countries, supporting them to accelerate their clean growth transitions.
The programme supports countries eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA) to implement and increase their ambitions for carbon emissions reductions in line with their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the long-term goal of the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit dangerous climate change.

UK PACT is delivered through three key mechanisms:

  1. Country Programmes: support to innovative capacity-building projects in partner countries, which deliver activities in line with country context and demand from government stakeholders.
  2. Green Recovery Challenge Fund: support to innovative capacity building projects in a wider range of ODA-eligible countries to promote emissions reductions and low-carbon solutions.
  3. Skill-shares and Secondments: provision of short-term peer-to-peer skill shares with country counterparts and long-term secondments into key institutions.
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How is UK PACT funded and managed?

UK PACT is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as part of the UK’s International Climate Finance (ICF) portfolio. In 2020, BEIS procured three delivery partners to lead the delivery of each component of the programme:

  • Palladium International Limited is leading delivery of the Country Programmes.
  • ICF Consulting Services Limited is leading delivery of the Green Recovery Challenge Fund.
  • PA Consulting Services Limited is leading delivery of the Skill-shares and Secondments.

Where does UK PACT work?

UK PACT is working globally in partnership with countries with high emission reduction potential to support them to implement and increase their ambitions for tackling climate change.

Under the Country Programmes component, UK PACT is currently working in China, Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa.

The Green Recovery Challenge Fund is working in other ODA-eligible countries across Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia.

Skill-Shares and Secondments can be delivered across both UK PACT partner countries under the Country Programmes, and other countries covered by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

In which sectors does UK PACT work?

As a demand-led programme, the sectors in which UK PACT works vary according to the specific needs, priorities and opportunities in each country of operation. Priority sectors of greatest emissions reduction potential and where UK PACT can provide the most relevant capacity building support have been identified through an exercise of stakeholder consultations and demand scoping with key beneficiaries in each partner country under the Country Programmes and with key stakeholder groups to inform the focus of the Green Recovery Challenge Fund windows. These cover a wide range of sectors critical for achieving carbon emissions reductions, including green finance, energy, mobility, nature and low-carbon policy.

Who is eligible to apply for UK PACT funding?

Applications for funding under the Country Programmes and Green Recovery Challenge Fund are open to international and local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society organisations, research institutes, think tanks, consultancies and private sector companies, professional associations or similar organisations that have the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver capacity building projects relating to identified priority sectors.

It is also possible to register as an individual on the expert roster for UK PACT’s Skill-Shares and Secondments. Roster members will be required to have a high level of technical expertise within their field(s) and a track record of relevant experience. We are interested in people from a range of professions, including, but not limited to, policy makers, financial experts, lawyers, programme managers, engineers, academics, and consultants.

What activities can be undertaken under UK PACT?

UK PACT is a technical assistance, capacity-building programme. Technical assistance activities are aimed at building the capacities, capabilities and knowledge of identified beneficiaries in ways that address partner country needs for a successful and fast transition to a low-carbon inclusive growth model.

The key types of outputs of technical assistance that have been identified as most likely to deliver impact as part of UK PACT are:

  • Skills of beneficiaries and stakeholders being developed
  • Recommendations, tools, and practices being developed and shared
  • New or existing knowledge products being created and/or disseminated
  • Partnerships and networks of beneficiaries and wider stakeholders being established

Our funded projects focus on the delivery of at least one of these types of outputs, depending on the objectives of the project.

How can I apply for funding under UK PACT?

Information on current funding opportunities under the Country Programmes and Green Recovery Challenge Fund and how to apply can be found on the application portal of our website at:

How can I register on the expert roster for UK PACT’s Skill-Shares and Secondments?

You can find more information on how to register to join the expert roster for UK PACT’s Skill-shares and Secondments on the application portal of our website at:

What is GESI and why is it important to the delivery of UK projects?

GESI is the acronym for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion. UK PACT has a legal requirement to comply with the UK’s Gender Equality Act (GEA) 2014 and is committed to mainstreaming GESI considerations throughout its programming. UK PACT recognises GESI is a fundamental concern and commits to being a GESI responsive programme. UK PACT opposes all forms of discrimination and strives to be an anti-racist programme. This means we will work to increase equality of opportunity for marginalised groups through our programming and aim to reduce racial and other inequalities, ensuring our GESI approaches are contextualised for the countries we operate in.

How can my project incorporate GESI principles?

UK PACT has developed two main resources to help our partners understand the GESI principles and guide project strategies - our GESI Ambition and our GESI Guide. You are also welcome to discuss your GESI strategy ideas with your point of contact at UK PACT, who may consult our GESI experts.