Skill-Shares and Secondments

What are skill-shares?

The UK Government has partnered with PA Consulting Services to deliver skills-shares under the UK PACT (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions) programme, funded by UK International Climate Finance.

UK PACT provides short-term skill-shares between UK experts and partner country governments to help them achieve their ambitious targets to decarbonise their economies and meet global climate goals. UK PACT’s skill-shares support partner countries by enabling the transfer of knowledge and building of core skills through peer-to-peer exchange.

From targeted training programmes, to in-depth policy reviews, we work with a roster of experts as well as public sector experts to provide advice and help strengthen capacities and knowledge across multiple sectors of climate mitigation. Experts are deployed based on demand directly emanating from partner countries to deliver rapid, targeted support in areas of greatest strategic importance.

We can work with any country eligible for UK PACT Country Programmes or the Green Recovery Challenge Fund, and skill-shares can be delivered in the partner country, in the UK, or conducted virtually. Skill-shares are based on the context-specific needs of our partner countries and so will vary considerably in scope and in length, lasting between one day and six months.

Examples of skill-share support may include: Peer reviews, providing advice on best practices and lessons learned, workshops, training, pieces of research or analysis or demonstrating examples of existing solutions.

Skill-Share for Colombia-UK PACT

Experts contribute to Colombia’s Mission for Energy Transformation roadmap

UK PACT contributed five experts to a panel of twenty to propose regulatory and institutional changes to transform the energy sector.

Drawing on the UK’s own experience of energy reforms (RIIO 1 and 2), discussions centred around challenges and lessons learnt from the UK that may smooth Colombia’s path towards a more modern, efficient, reliable and sustainable energy sector. The Mission’s team of experts contributed policymaking and practical advice on how Colombia might undertake legal, regulatory and policy changes to bring about reforms. These recommendations will allow the Colombian government to build and implement the road map to modernise and strengthen its energy sector.

Our roster of experts

Who are our experts?

With over 200 experts from large companies, SMEs and academic institutions, our roster includes policy makers, financial experts, lawyers, programme managers, engineers, academics and consultants. Many have experience working in low and middle-income countries, including the UK PACT’s priority countries.


Our experts bring their specific technical and commercial knowledge and expertise to the programme. Many also have foreign language skills which will assist them in communicating and sharing best practice while working with partner countries to achieve their net zero ambitions.

What are our experts' areas of expertise?

  • Climate change legislation
  • Decarbonisation strategy/policy development
  • Greenhouse gas inventory
  • Offshore wind power feasibility
  • Renewable energy (general)
  • Smart grids and storage
  • Energy market regulation
  • Green finance
  • Low carbon transport planning
  • Low carbon public transport

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What are secondments?

UK PACT can also provide longer-term secondments into key government institutions. Secondments offer the temporary transfer of staff via UK Government to UK PACT partner country governments, either through UK Government officials or local expertise being hired through the UK PACT programme. 

Secondments provide full-time capacity building support that will typically last from 6 months to 2 years. They aim to deliver a sustainable transfer of skills through building institutional capacity to support partner countries accelerate their transitions to a low carbon economy.


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