Skill-Shares and Secondments

What is it?

The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has partnered with PA Consulting Services to deliver the Skills-shares programme under UK PACT (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions) programme funded by UK International Climate Finance. The programme will facilitate peer-to-peer skill-share projects between experts.

We believe that working together internationally on the common challenges we face - combining our expertise and sharing the lessons we learn - can enable greater and faster action to tackle global climate change.




Skill-share projects are designed in partnership with counterparts and key institutions within UK PACT partner countries. Supported by teams on the ground, we work together to understand the challenges that stand in the way of action, and match counterparts with highly experienced individuals and teams from the UK PACT roster of experts. 

What can we offer?

Projects are based on the context-specific needs of counterparts and so will vary considerably in scope; however, we are able to facilitate skill-shares that:

Projects locations: We can work with any country eligible for UK PACT Country Programmes or Green Recovery Challenge Fund. Projects can be in that partner country, in the UK, or conducted virtually.

Eligible organisations: Projects can be between individuals or groups, and can be with national or sub-national Governments, with the private sector, or civil society.

Project types: Peer reviews, providing advice and lessons, workshops, training, pieces of research or analysis, providing supporting on stages of projects, demonstrating examples of existing solutions, and much more besides.

Project lengths: Projects can be between one day and six months through a series of interventions, whether needing rapid support, or for in-depth and for the longer-term

Examples of previous skill-shares include:

  • Advising the Government of Malaysia on the development of a Climate Change Act and National Climate Change Centre
  • Conducting a peer review and providing advice on energy market reform at the request of the Colombian Government as part of their ‘Mission for Energy Transformation’
  • Sharing experience of how the UK developed climate change legislation and national carbon budgets with Mexican NGOs and government stakeholders.

An update on our UK PACT Roster of Experts

We had a very successful round of recruitment, with 322 experts put forward by 75 organisations ranging from large companies, SMEs and academic institutions. Just over two thirds successfully passed the assessment and are now on the UK PACT roster of experts, available for deployment on skill-shares.

Who are our experts?

Our roster includes policy makers, financial experts, lawyers, programme managers, engineers, academics and consultants. Many have already worked in UK PACT’s target countries: China, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa, as well as in emerging economies.

Our experts have the following areas of expertise:

  • Climate change legislation
  • Decarbonisation strategy/policy development
  • Greenhouse gas inventory
  • Offshore wind power feasibility
  • Renewable energy (general)

Organisations supplying experts to our roster are:

What are our experts’ areas of expertise

Our experts bring their specific technical and commercial knowledge and expertise to the programme. Many have foreign language skills which will assist them in communicating and sharing best practice while working with partner countries to achieve their net zero ambitions.


  • Smart grids & storage
  • Energy market regulation
  • Green finance
  • Low carbon transport planning
  • Low carbon public transport

Have a skill-share project idea?

Skill-share projects need to originate from organisations in eligible countries and should be discussed with the British Embassy or High Commission in your country in the first instance.

Interested in applying to be on the UK PACT Roster of Experts?

Projects are developed in partnership with partner governments and embassies in UK PACT Countries and are therefore not accepting proposals for projects. 

If you are interested in being part of the UK PACT expert roster to respond to demand for projects and would like to be notified of potential future roster recruitment rounds, please visit the how to apply page and register your interest.