South Africa-UK PACT


UK PACT has partnered with South Africa to support action on just transition pathways and a low-carbon economic recovery.

As the third largest economy in Africa, South Africa plays a critical role in economic and policy priority setting at a continental level and across the Southern Africa region. South Africa’s long-standing participation in the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) processes creates a solid platform for an impactful and transformational UK PACT partnership. Moreover, UK PACT seeks to support climate action that will contribute to the realisation of other development imperatives in South Africa, such as job creation and poverty alleviation.

Priority areas of focus for UK PACT in South Africa are aligned with key national priorities in the just energy transition, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, and sustainable finance. UK PACT projects can contribute to addressing industry-wide constraints, common metropolitan challenges, and bringing city, provincial and national level public and private partners together to address climate priorities.

Portfolio of projects

Following the launch of South Africa-UK PACT in July 2020, projects have now been selected in the following areas:

SA infographic



Applying to UK PACT

The first South Africa-UK PACT funding round closed in August 2020.

Projects were assessed as part of an open call to prospective applicants following two stages: 1) Expression of Interest (EOI) to outline how a proposed project responds to the call; and 2) a request for detailed proposals for those shortlisted at the EOI stage. 

South-Africa UK PACT timeline