South Africa-UK PACT


UK PACT has been partnering with South Africa since June 2020 to support the acceleration of the just transition and a low-carbon economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

UK PACT-funded projects in South Africa are helping to drive the just transition through technical assistance for increased renewable energy uptake, sustainable transport, and green finance initiatives. The programme brings together national, provincial, and municipal level partners to address climate priorities, supporting the implementation of South Africa's new and strengthened Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) emissions reduction targets under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

UK PACT is a demand-led programme, it provides a platform to support  


climate action and further contributes to other development imperatives in South Africa, including job creation and poverty alleviation. The programme forms a key part of the UK's technical assistance offer under the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), an agreement announced at COP26, in which the UK, alongside France, Germany, the European Union and the United States pledged US$8.5 billion to support the Government of South Africa’s plans on climate action and energy transition.

Watch the recording and view the slides from the South Africa-UK PACT market engagement webinar supporting a just energy transition here.

Current Calls for Proposals

The South Africa-UK PACT call for proposals in thematic areas supporting a just energy transition is now closed. The deadline for submitting your application was on 15 September 2023 at 17.00 SAST/ 15.00 UTC. 

Our project portfolio is addressing key priorities in South Africa in 3 strategic sectors

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Find out how projects by ICLEI and TIPS are helping drive the energy transition



Learn more about our work

UK PACT projects in South Africa are working in the energy, mobility, and finance sectors, identified as priority areas of action on climate change. The projects also focus on ways to create jobs and contribute to inclusive, economic growth. 

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Supporting the establishment of the Mpumalanga Green Cluster Agency to maximise the contribution of the renewable energy value chain to South Africa’s Just Transition
Led by: Green Cape

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How our projects are making an impact

Distilling the just energy transition in South Africa: harmonising conflict and seeking opportunities

Led by: Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)

City of Johannesburg electric vehicles readiness support programme

Led by: Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA)

STRAPSA: Shifting the transport paradigm for South Africa

Led by: Nelson Mandela University

Expanding the South African green finance taxonomy and embedding its use

Led by: National Business Initiative (NBI)

Co-creating a just labour transition through the TVET college system

Led by: South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)

Climate Transitions Protocol Pathways

Led by: National Business Initiative (NBI)

Aligning South Africa's climate-related financial disclosure with global best practice

Led by: DNA Economics

Operationalising energy performance certificates (EPCs) in South Africa

Led by: Carbon Trust

Alternative finance for municipal embedded generation in South Africa

Led by: ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability

EThekwini regional hydrogen strategy

Led by: Arup

Eastern Cape green hydrogen production and export infrastructure feasibility study

Led by: Nelson Mandela University

Increasing international alignment and interoperability of South Africa's Green Finance Taxonomy

Led by: GreenCape Sector Development Agency

Rebuilding the grid from the bottom up

Led by: Sustainable Energy Africa

Enabling municipal energy procurement and generation, supporting the South African Local Government Association and selected municipalities

Led by: University of Pretoria