Rebuilding the grid from the bottom up

Led by:  Sustainable Energy Africa
Sector:  Energy

“This project contributes to developing a conductive environment for investment in energy transition infrastructure, while ensuring the public good and protecting poor households. The aim is to unlock the transformative impact of energy transition technologies, while ensuring energy remains affordable to those who need it the most.” -  Josh Dippenaar, Project Manager, Sustainable Energy Africa

This project will enhance stakeholder capacity for sector reform through targeted research. Across a series of policy briefings papers and public videos, this project will unpack electricity sector risks in South Africa and propose mechanisms to safely transition to a liberalised electricity market. It will also improve understanding of pricing trajectories and its impact on social transfers.

Together with the capacity and skills required to establish sustainable network services businesses, the project will drive collaborative thinking and consensus-building in the energy sector around these themes. Throughout the project, three municipalities will be supported on the process of procuring renewable energy generation assets. This support will direct the development of South Africa’s electricity sector to maximise the benefits of private sector participation and cost-competitive renewable energy.

“This project aims to create a space for learning and develop an evidence base to inform complex just energy transition conversations.”
-  Megan Euston-Brown, Director, Sustainable Energy Africa

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