Eastern Cape green hydrogen production and export infrastructure feasibility study

Led by:  Nelson Mandela University
Sector: Energy

“This project is significant as it will provide the basis for evidence-based decision-making to position the Eastern Cape in exporting green hydrogen. In so doing, it will also contribute to repositioning the South African economy for more inclusive growth."

-  Sibongile Muthwa, Vice Chancellor, Nelson Mandela University

This project will produce a feasibility study focusing on infrastructure to enable green hydrogen exportation from the Eastern Cape region. It aligns with South Africa’s Green Hydrogen Commercialisation Strategy, focusing on green hydrogen export as a key sector objective. The aim is to position South Africa favourably early in the international hydrogen export market and enhance its competitive stance in global trade.

In particular, the strategy suggests that South Africa should expedite production capacity for exports. The Eastern Cape region has been identified as a key potential green hydrogen production and export hub, capable of leveraging abundant renewable energy resources and existing infrastructure.

The feasibility study will evaluate different green hydrogen carriers from both commercial and environmental viewpoints, in relation to target import destinations and markets like the UK, Europe, and Japan. The outputs of this feasibility will be crucial in accelerating efforts led by multiple stakeholders, to advance the green hydrogen export agenda in the Eastern Cape, whilst considering the associated socio-economic and environmental opportunities for the region.

The findings of this study will inform decision-making and the selection of the most efficient and sustainable pathways for exporting green hydrogen. The findings have huge potential to contribute to both the UK and South Africa's renewable energy goals.

-  Sibongile Muthwa, Vice Chancellor, Nelson Mandela University