Proposal for reforms to the public territorial planning policy to comply with the Paris Agreement

Led by:  Fedesarrollo
Sector:  Low-carbon policy

“This project has helped develop proposals for climate-sensitive land use policies and regulations, providing technical support for a sound diagnosis, with extensive detail and simulations. These should have an impact on the reforms and the consensus necessary for their implementation.”

- Carlos Ruiz, Deputy Minister of Housing, City and Territory 

This project has carried out an analysis of territorial planning in Colombia to identify possible improvement to land use and territorial planning policies from a sustainability perspective. The first year of the project concluded with a reform proposal, including administrative and legal reforms, for the Colombian territorial and environmental planning framework. The recommendations seek to reduce the impacts of urban expansion and deforestation in GHG emissions. The project's extension will develop these recommendations, seeking to include them in the country’s National Development Plan and within an independent bill to be presented to Congress.