NaBa: Nature-based resilient cities

Led by:  ICLEI Colombia
Sector:  Nature

Partner organisations: ICLEI South America, Alexander von Humboldt Institute and World Resources Institute (WRI)

“As one of the 12 mega diverse countries worldwide (second after Brazil) and the country with the greatest biodiversity per square kilometre, Colombia has a high responsibility for protecting strategic ecosystems. Our project seeks to generate a technically robust baseline that allows decision-making based on science with a focus on climate and biodiversity while taking into account Colombia’s unique heritage.

- Mónica Santa, Executive Director, ICLEI Colombia

This project combines ‘low-carbon and resilience’ and ‘biodiversity’ to help strengthen the capacities of the 14 cities that are part of the Biodiverciudades Initiative, launched bythe Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. It will support detailed implementation and delivery of activities for six pilot cities to be selected through an open call for proposals. It will formulate and implement activities enhancing governance and financial structure, increasing human well-being and ecosystem conservation through actvities directly linked to addressing climate change, promoting biodiversity, and guiding urban planning based on ecosystem-based adaptation.

It will also work to strengthen the links between people and nature, as well as nature-based solutions, by establishing a mechanism to ensure coordination between local and national government expectations.

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