Updating the mobility masterplan for sustainable and safe mobility and SETP (Strategic public transport system) for Villavicencio

Sector:  Mobility

Developing a sustainable and safe transport system in Villavicencio will benefit everyone in the city and its neighbouring municipalities. This project is working to update the Mobility Masterplan for sustainable and safe mobility, and the structuring of the strategic public transport system of the city of Villavicencio.

The project will support the technical, legal, financial, and social structuring of Villavicencio’s Strategic Public Transport System, as a means of improving operations and helping to meet the current and future transport demands of the city. Having an updated mobility master plan will allow Villavicencio to have a comprehensive vision for transportation and to improve future planning, including identifying means to promote active and sustainable mobility, public transport methods and to maximise the use of public spaces in the city. The project will also carry out strategic planning for the transport of cargo in the region. All these actions will help to reduce the city’s environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

In addition, the project will work to ensure the transport system considers the needs of people with disabilities, women, LGBTI+ people and minority groups, in order to develop a system that works for everyone. It will also support capacity building for women in the construction and operation stages of the project.

“We are joining forces with UK PACT and the UK-Colombia Prosperity Programme to learn from similar cities in the UK and other parts of the world how to implement more sustainable, equitable and safer public transport systems. Thanks to this partnership, Villavicencio will have a modern Strategic Public Transport System (SETP) that will transform the mobility of our city.”

- Mauricio Frias, Mobility Secretary, Mayor's Office of Villavicencio