Comprehensive plan and roadmap for sustainable mobility in the Bogota region during and after COVID-19

Led by:  ProBogotá Región
Sector:  Mobility

"The project outputs are a big step forward in sustainable mobility planning from the city-Region. This project will allow a better coexistence between the different modes of transport, and a more accessible, equitable and safe distribution of public space."

– María Carolina Castillo, Executive President, Probogotá 

This project is supporting a plan for sustainable mobility for Bogota-Region through initiatives that improve integrated greener solutions such as pedestrian and cyclist access to mass transit stations, information systems for carbon emissions and targeted charges for private vehicles use.

The new phase of the project will develop strategies to improve travel conditions for long-distance bicycle lanes by addressing infrastructure, security, and safety problems. It will also develop solutions to estimate and charge private vehicles for environmental externalities. This approach will promote shifts in mobility habits, which will support reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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