Road to Carbon Neutral

Led by:  OpEPA
Sector:  Low-carbon policy

“The greatest contribution of this project is the generation of connections at two levels: on one hand, between the national strategy, the subnational governments and the municipalities. And on the other hand, a communication bridge between technical content and a new vocabulary that is accessible and understandable for citizens bringing living systems perspectives into the conversation. There is no doubt that to achieve the transition to a low-carbon economy, citizens must become actively involved and make it their own goal.”

- Luis Camargo, Executive Director, OpEPA

The “Road to Carbon Neutral” project will work to empower local government officials, entrepreneurs, journalists and community stakeholders to build a long-term vision for low-carbon pathways in energy and transport aligned with Colombia’s 2050 strategy. It will enhance the capacity of Colombian departments and municipal government officials to implement solutions that contribute to the country’s low-carbon ambition.

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