Green economy policy for Sarawak

Led by:  PwC Malaysia
Sector:  Low-carbon policy

This project has been working to develop a green economy policy framework for the state of Sarawak, which has the largest forest cover in Malaysia. The Green Economy Policy and Carbon Offset Strategy paper will provide recommendations for suitable green economy policies to Sarawak’s Government. 

PwC Malaysia has also developed a carbon offset strategy highlighting the developments of carbon offset schemes as one of the policy instruments for GHG emission intervention. The strategy identifies the requirements to develop a carbon trading scheme, provides a review of existing regulations on carbon emissions and additional documentation to implement carbon trading projects such as a draft commercial agreement, certification and project development guidelines. The strategy will help the Government of Sarawak to determine the readiness and pathways for Sarawak to implement carbon trading practices.

This project has been extended to cover the state of Johor with a focus on the energy, forestry, and agriculture sectors. For Johor, PwC Malaysia will develop a Green Growth and Low Carbon Policy Framework, including building a pathway for carbon trading. This phase will also develop an assessment framework that will help Johor prioritise the range of green growth initiatives/projects for the State.

These interventions will help drive key environmental, social and economic benefits in Sarawak and Johor by reducing carbon emissions, optimising value for multiple stakeholders and promoting sustainable economic growth.

"Malaysia is committed to its target of becoming a carbon-neutral nation by as early as 2050, and economic instruments such as carbon pricing and the carbon tax will be introduced to support this effort. In this phase, the Governments of Sarawak and Johor will play an important role in driving this conversation, and this is where our study takes precedence."

- Andrew Chan, Southeast Asia Sustainability & Climate Change Leader, PwC Malaysia