Strengthening forest monitoring and intersectoral cooperation to support the net zero deforestation goal in five states

Led by:  Ecometrica Ltd
Sector:  Nature

The project aims to monitor and steer progress towards the achievement of Mexico’s NDCs in the forestry and land-use sector. It has provided decision makers with effective monitoring tools and updated geospatial information as well as enhanced training to apply them. It has also improved cross-department networks and working groups, carried out policy analysis and made recommendations to align forestry and agricultural policies towards achieving the 2030 net zero deforestation goal in the states of Chiapas, Campeche, Tabasco, Jalisco and Oaxaca.

In the coming months, the project will analyse the potential for zero deforestation commodity assurance schemes, and collaboratively set out roadmaps for jurisdictional schemes for high impact commodities such as palm oil, agave (mezcal/tequila), cocoa, avocado and sugar cane to meet the imminent zero deforestation requirements for exports to the UK and Europe.

“The project has helped us to consolidate the decree of the Map of Resilience to Climate Change (MARACC), ensuring that agricultural and livestock projects and infrastructure that is financed by the state government and the municipalities don’t cause deforestation. Thanks to the project, we have trained civil servants in almost all the municipalities of Chiapas in the use of the MARACC mobile app and geospatial tools such as EO labs to monitor the agri-forestry frontier and promote forest conservation.”

- Maria del Rosario Bonifaz Alfonzo, Minister of Environment and Natural History, State of Chiapas

Ecometrica- agroforestry system in Chiapas-Credit Felicia Line