Supporting sustainable farming and agriculture in Mexico’s rural south

Led by:  Pronatura Sur A.C.
Sector:  Nature

““I like the project because we have learned many things we did not know. We have learned to take care of nature and to take advantage of the resources it gives us to make improvements in livestock management.”

- Selena Sagrario Castañeda (local producer), La Providencia, Jalisco

This project focuses on strengthening the capacity and skills of people whose livelihoods are closely linked to value chains from products and commodities in the agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) sector. This includes livestock, beekeeping, resin and cocoa production. Capacity building aims to reduce the impacts from drivers of deforestation and forest degradation, and to promote the conservation of forests and of carbon sinks. Throughout the implementation of the project, improvements have been identified in these productive practices linked to the forestry, agricultural and food systems.

Improving these systems is urgent to address the impact that climate change, loss of biodiversity and deforestation have had on them and on the ecosystems that host them.