Last mile distribution project in the Historic Centre of Mexico City: loading and unloading bays

Led by:  Cal y Mayor

Sector:  Mobility 

This project has developed a management model for loading and unloading bays for the Historic Centre of Mexico City in order to improve traffic congestion, reduce fuel consumption and air pollution from freight vehicles.  

The project engaged with government entities to define the design and operation of the bays. Conditions for the delivery of goods was analysed from records of traffic fines, road incidents and vehicle flows, as well as optimal locations for the bays. An analysis of international experiences in the implementation of loading and unloading bays and benchmarking of the best technologies for parking management were carried out to inform the design of a pilot test.

A simulation model was developed to quantify the benefits from the pilot test, which highlighted a noticeable reduction of pollutants, fuel savings, travel distance and travel time.

“The project was developed in one of the most important areas of Mexico City of great historical, archaeological and cultural richness. This project joins several others that have been carried out to rescue and improve the mobility and living conditions of the city's inhabitants.”

- Margarita Guadalupe Luna López, Project Structuring and Planning Manager, Cal y Mayor y Asociados, S.C.


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