Solar Ejidos, a renewable energy project to foster social prosperity in rural communities and climate change mitigation

Led by:  Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM)
Sector:  Energy

This project aims to empower rural communities and local governments to become agents of change in the fight against global warming and the achievement of a just and inclusive energy transition in Mexico. It aims to be a vehicle for inclusive economic development in which no one is left behind.

It is working to promote community development and encourage the use of renewable energies through photovoltaic distributed generation models in the Mexican rural sector. It focuses on promoting schemes for project development investment, governance, communal property management, and strengthening local institutions. Through this project, the Ejidos and agrarian communities will be able to own solar photovoltaic (PV) distributed generation systems, participate in their operation and maintenance, and receive extra income from the sale of electricity, in collaboration with local authorities and enterprises dedicated to the commercialisation, distribution, and supply of electricity.

In its first phase, the project developed concept notes and guidelines on replicability. In its current extension, it will collaborate with the General Directorate of Energy of the Ministry of Economy of Sonora to deliver a ready-to-implement project for the first Ejido Solar in Mexico. The project will also work alongside the Climate Change and Energy Agency of Hermosillo (CCEAH) to prepare a concept case for an Ejido Solar project in the municipality of Hermosillo and develop a preliminary technical design PV systems aimed to serve the recharge system of EV police patrols at the municipality.

Potential business model options already exist for community solar energy in Mexico, promoted by subnational governments. To identify best practices and develop guidance for business and social models that can be adopted by other actors in the country, the project will carry out workshops and establish knowledge exchange networks.

“This project will demonstrate that community solar energy in Mexico is possible with the decisive participation of the Government of Sonora to give the ejidos of the Sierra Alta an alternative for harnessing their sun to generate renewable
energy and local development. This will promote different forms of social participation in Mexico’s energy transition and clean energy goals.”

- Luisa Sierra, Energy Director, ICM


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