Developing sustainable energy access strategies in Mexico

Led by:  Iluméxico

Sector:  Energy 

This project is providing technical assistance to help beneficiaries in several Mexican states develop strategies to improve universal energy access through solar energy. This will benefit rural, isolated, off- grid communities in Mexico by developing affordable financial models for this energy supply.

So far, the project has worked with four states where it identified 2,805 families living off-grid. Based on the analysis of community needs and characteristics, each state designed the base model for the implementation of sustainable rural electrification programmes in collaboration with representatives from different ministries. The project has also implemented a first pilot in Yucatán, installing 11 solar home systems for off-grid families with a sustainable model. Further pilots will follow this year.

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“Energy is a transversal axis and a trigger for improvements in education, productivity, comfort and, above all, in advancing universal access to energy in the state of Yucatán. This is a structured, scalable project that can be implemented in all communities in our state, as well as in other states and countries.

- Mirelle de Fatima Segovia Martin, Head of Renewable and Industrial Energies, Ministry of Economic Development and Labour of Yucatán (SEFOET Yucatán)


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