Strengthening the design of pop-up active mobility infrastructure in Mexico

Led by:  Bikencity S.C
Sector:  Mobility

“By using the RE-ACTIVA.MX platform, anyone, especially those working in public administration, can access different tools to strengthen their capabilities in active mobility and transform their streets. This will help people choose active mobility daily as their main way of transportation, and not just as an alternative.

- Kennia Aguirre, Co-founder and CEO, bikeNcity

This project is providing technical assistance to local governments to help them plan and put in place pop-up bike lanes, facilities for pedestrians and public space projects. This will help improve the design of active mobility infrastructure and build safer cities that are friendly to people and the environment. Through its online training and tools platform, RE-ACTIVA.MX, the project has worked with 15 cities from 10 government bodies and trained 235 public officials on topics related to mobility, climate change, road safety, and social inclusion.

The implementation of active mobility and public space works could avoid the emission of more than 23 thousand tons of carbon. The project is also providing assistance to 10 new ambitious projects in sustainable mobility.

Bikencity photo from IP