Strengthening the dialogue on Mexico's climate change and energy goals at subnational levels

Led by:  Soluciones en Legislación y Política Ambiental A.C. (Polea)
Sector:  Low-carbon policy

“Our project will enable subnational climate action through the development of laws and regulations proposals, while developing and strengthening capacities with both the executive and legislative branches of government. At the federal level, we will develop capacities with government officials and legislators about the relevance and urgency to increase climate finance. This will promote the implementation of ambitious mitigation and adaptation actions at all levels which are carried out in a cost-efficient manner and with increased impact.”

- Andrés Ávila, Executive Director, Polea

This project is providing technical assistance to national, federal and subnational government authorities in six Mexican states and informing the design or update of robust national legislation on climate change. It is doing so by building the capacity of legislators and government officials at the federal and subnational levels. Improving the capacities of key actors and institutions is key to ensuring the implementation of robust and effective climate policies and promoting reforms to relevant legislation. The project has already resulted in new or updated climate change laws.

Through its actions, the project will help remove barriers hindering progress on carbon emissions reductions in line with the Paris Agreement, and raise ambition for mitigation and adaptation actions following the most recent scientific evidence.