Kenyan National Energy Planning and support for County-level interfacing on modelling data exchange

Led by:  Loughborough University
Sector:  Energy

The project actively frames and mobilises a collaboration between the energy systems planning teams at the national and county levels in Kenya, while also helping with the exchange of modelling data between different government levels. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the coordination and cooperation between these teams to effectively address energy-related needs, challenges and opportunities. By bringing together experts from both levels, the project promotes an active exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources, enabling a more comprehensive and integrated approach to energy planning and decision-making. The development of a fully functional open-source tool for the expansion of power systems is expected to help improve planning for investment in the electricity grid. This collaboration facilitates the alignment of national energy goals with local priorities, ensuring a more inclusive and sustainable energy transition throughout the country. 

Kenya Loughborough University