Accelerating the electrification of cooking in Kenya

Led by:  Loughborough University
Sector:  Energy

This project will strengthen the ambition and functional integration of national policy towards clean cooking in Kenya, supporting emissions reduction (both CO2 and black carbon), health improvements and raising living standards. It is making substantial progress towards generating a meaningful study that highlights the potential of electric cooking in Kenya. It has received support from numerous external studies and research programs involving 14 additional internal project partners.

A recent major milestone was achieved in collaboration with the Clean Cooking Alliance Kenya (CCAK), by advocating for a clean cooking tariff during the tariff review in February of 2023. Although the e-cooking industry is still in its early stages, the project successfully influenced the energy supplier KPLC to pilot time-of-use tariffs for domestic customers who possess smart cooking devices capable of monitoring energy consumption during cooking. This achievement represents a significant step forward in the journey towards clean cooking.

In July 2023, the first major component of this project was delivered, focusing on a capacity-building and market development programme for eCooking (eCAP). A range of methods will be implemented for Kenya Power to review and encourage the utilisation of e-cooking technologies. 

"The Kenya National Cooking Strategy (KNCS) and Kenya National Electric Cooking Strategy (KNECS) aim to go beyond biomass cookstoves and drive the cooking sub-sector towards improved health, environmental benefits, and economic growth. The KNCS offers a balanced approach by considering various cooking solutions such as liquefied petroleum gas, bioethanol, biogas, improved cookstoves, and electric cooking. The implementation of these strategies will facilitate a transformative market shift within the cooking sub-sector." - Dr. Faith Wandera-Odongo, Deputy Director, Renewable Energy, State Department for Energy, Kenya

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