Energy planning tools and data-driven policy-making in Narok County

Led by:  Strathmore University
Sector:  Energy

"This groundbreaking project will see Narok County develop its first energy plan since the implementation of devolution in 2013. It will also provide the county with the knowledge and ability to develop and update future energy plans and upskill energy planning experts." - Prof Izael Da Silva, DVC, Research and Innovation Strathmore University

This project helped the county government of Narok to develop a data-driven energy plan to increase access to clean energy. It encouraged adoption of renewable energy technologies such as improved cook stoves and sustainable use of biomass, thus contributing to  reduced carbon emissions. It addressed the two main challenges that hinder the shift to clean energy: lack of access to quality and reliable data and technical expertise at the county level.

The next phase of this project looks to develop the Makueni County Energy plan to help support Makueni in developing a data driven energy plan that leads to increased adoption of renewable energy technologies, penetration of improved cook stoves and increased modern energy access, increased energy efficiency, increased productive use of energy, and sustainable use of biomass resources, thus contributing to reduced emissions. 


"The Makueni county energy plan is critical if we are going to grow the industry and housing sector because we will need to have affordable and clean energy." - H.E. Mutula Kilonzo Junior, CBS


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