Accelerating REDD+ in Kenya for equitable climate mitigation and benefits (ClimateARK)

Led by:  Conservation International
Sector:  Nature

“The ClimateARK project will help piece together the elements key to the implementation of REDD+ in Kenya. It will help the government establish mechanisms that will ensure a multi-stakeholder approach to REDD+ implementation while also attracting investment in climate finance. The project will help clarify policy issues around carbon rights, benefit sharing, establish a REDD+ registry for Kenya, build capacity of various stakeholders in Kenya on REDD+ and establish platforms for learning and knowledge exchange.” - Psamson Nzioki, Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ Manager, Conservation International

This project aims to scale-up and support ongoing REDD+ implementation efforts, by ensuring a transformative, equitable and inclusive multi-stakeholder approach to Nature-based Solutions for emission reductions. Focusing on REDD+ nesting, ClimateARK is working with the Kenyan government to clarify technical elements such as building a REDD+ Registry, as well as policy elements such as carbon rights and benefit sharing. 


The project has been introduced to the administration of the six target counties with successful engagement of key stakeholders and support for the project. The Taita Taveta and Baringo counties have also been supported to integrate Nature-based Solutions including REDD+ in their County Integrated Development Plans. ClimateARK will present various findings on policy elements to stakeholders and decision makers. Based off a knowledge gap and needs assessment, the next phase of this project is to build the capacity of various stakeholders. 

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