Strengthening BNDES' climate finance flows

Led by: Climate Policy Initiative
Sector: Finance

“The financial sector plays a pivotal role in accelerating Brazil's climate transition to a low-carbon economy. BNDES is strategically positioned to lead this agenda by supporting the development of policies needed to catalyse actions across the entire economy, financing the decarbonisation of challenging to mitigate sectors, developing tools that can be used to track emissions and measure the impact of its investments, and integrating social considerations into the transition strategy."

-  Juliano Assunção, Executive Director, Climate Policy Initiative  

This project aims to provide BNDES with the expertise and climate risk management tools necessary to implement a successful climate strategy. It will enable banks to adopt strong and comprehensive climate metrics while integrating different aspects of climate management. Through strengthening climate finance flows, it will strengthen BNDES climate impact accounting, update current methodologies and expand existing tools to include other sectors. 

It highlights BNDES' commitment to driving progress in decarbonisation, by enhancing climate impact metrics and strengthening its position in Brazil's transition to a low-carbon economy.

“As a key player in the financial sector, and an agent of the Federal Government's investment policy, BNDES plays a fundamental role for the Brazilian economy, with the potential to accelerate the country's decarbonisation and climate action. BNDES' climate alignment commitments can contribute to methodology discussions for development banks and the financial sector. The project aims to address significant informational gaps, and effectively connect climate management metrics to the implementation of BNDES' climate strategy.

-  Felipe Bittencourt, CEO, WayCarbon