Catalysing land-use climate finance for the State of Pará

Led by: Climate Policy Initiative
Sector: Finance

“This project is a unique opportunity for the private market to realise that investing in environmental sustainability is not only beneficial to the environment but also financially profitable. The implementation of large-scale forest restoration and bioeconomy is feasible in Brazil and has great appeal for the financial sector."

-  Joana Chiavari, Research Director, Climate Policy Initiative 

The project aims to support the State of Pará in attracting investment to implement the two principal initiatives under low-carbon development for the land use sector axis: bioeconomy and forest restoration. The project aims to enhance SEMAS-PA's abilities in structuring projects that appeal to private financing, assessing the impact of their projects and programs, and offering increased transparency and assurance for investors. By developing indicators and linking the actions to the state’s overall strategy for reducing emissions, the project seeks to enhance the state’s capability to mobilise private finance.