Supporting the Ecological Transformation Plan (ETP)

Led by: Instituto AYA
Sector: Finance

“We expect this project to provide the government with the priority missions for Brazil to focus within each economic sector. This will help the private sector and external stakeholders to understand where Brazil is headed and thus increase investor confidence to deploy climate funds."

-  Rafael Rabioglio, Senior manager, Systemiq

This project aims to support capacity building of the Brazilian Federal Government in the next steps for policy formulation of the Ecological Transformation Plan (ETP), as well as other federal ministries involved in the Plan, to implement and unlock green resources. It will equip the Ministry of Finance with the necessary data for an evidence-driven identification of key sectors and value chains, enhancing the public sector's ability to fulfil its objectives. It aims to augment the amount of public and private funds directed towards green investments and to establish a supportive policy framework for the ETP across the public, private, and social sectors.

The ETP is Brazil's counterpart to the European Green New Deal, aiming to boost job creation and productivity, ensure environmental sustainability with a focus on decarbonisation and emission reductions in line with the Paris Accords, and enhance equality and social inclusion by alleviating poverty and improving living standards. It targets seven sectors including the bioeconomy, sustainable agriculture, industry and mobility, energy transition, circular economy, infrastructure, sanitation, climate adaptation, and sustainable finance.