Promoting green jobs by supporting bioeconomy businesses and implementing green growth policies

Led by:  Global Green Growth Institute
Sector:  Low-carbon policy

"After successfully closing the first round of the mechanism for accelerating bioeconomy projects, known as MAPBIO, and creating an initiative to be able to technically support the commercial viability and scaling of projects that are in an advanced phase or last mile in the bioeconomy, I am pleased to announce that Minciencias and GGGI, with the support of the United Kingdom, are launching MAPBIO 2.0 with which we will select five projects that are likely to be recognized as bioproducts."

- Tito Crissien, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Colombia

“The MAPBIO initiative has provided us with technical and scientific support, and very valuable exposure for our small bio-based companies. Thanks to this project, we have not only strengthened our own business but also gained access to the tools to strengthen the sector.”

- Karen Zuluaga, Production Coordinator, Bioingred

This project has been working with Colombia’s National Planning Department, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the National Learning Agency (SENA), to strategically link climate action with green economic recovery. Through the MAPBIO initiative, it is providing mechanisms to accelerate the growth of bioeconomy businesses, provide long term institutional capacity and develop skills for a low-carbon transition. The project has been transformative in the implementation of Colombia’s Green Growth Policy, providing the tools to visualise and track its performance across municipalities in Colombia, and in the integration with Colombia´s recovery efforts and the 2030 agenda. For 2022, it will scale up these achievements, ensuring the long-term uptake of the project´s solutions.

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ICLEI Colombia project 20211129_CO12_MABIO-Terrazul bioproduct Spirualga