Protecting biodiversity and supporting sustainable livelihoods in post-conflict zones through sustainable tourism

Led by:  Grupo E3 SAS
Sector:  Nature

“The project is proving the potential of tourism as an alternative income source, to improve rural livelihoods in conflict and biodiversity regions in Colombia. In this phase the project will keep supporting knowledge on biodiversity and climate change, co-creating amazing community tourism experiences, ensuring networks of support and sustainability.” 

- Claudia Martinez, Director, E3 SAS

The project aims to improve rural livelihoods, strengthen peacebuilding, conserve and restore ecosystems and contribute to tackling climate change by supporting community-based tourism in the Serranía de las Quinchas (Boyacá) and the Serranía del Perijá (Cesar).

The project has been working to provide sustainable alternatives to reduce deforestation in major forest hotspots, thereby reducing carbon emissions and enhancing adaptative tourism measures. Through botanical on-the-job training, it has enhanced the capacity of local communities to promote science/nature-based eco-tourism and the sustainable use of biodiversity, improving food security and culinary experience for tourists. Communities have gained skills in cooking using their biodiversity and traditions and also learned to accommodate homestays and to guide tours. The project has been successful in bringing together Colombians in supporting biodiversity conservation and social cohesion in post-conflict regions through sustainable tourism.



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