Accelerating the local implementation of low-carbon projects and sustainable development

Led by:  IDOM Ingeniería S.A. de C.V.
Sector:  Finance

This project aims to accelerate the flow of green capital to fund low-carbon local projects by promoting access to green finance products or unlocking private contributions to municipal governments. It has created networks among banks, public institutions, technology providers and other stakeholders. It has also provided a proven methodology, comprehensive tools and advice to develop the individual and institutional capacities of the representatives of subnational governments so they can access financial sources for their projects.

This work has captured the interest of financial institutions, private companies and actors, and will help secure the flow of financing necessary for the implementation of sustainable business models that ensure both high social profitability and carbon emission reductions.

“In the words of local and international development banks, IDOM is doing hard work that few dare to do because of its complexity. This is helping establish a trusted path to financing smart and sustainable cities.”

- Mariana Silva, Team Lead, IDOM