Skill-Shares and Secondments Registration

Establishing a roster of climate change experts for UK PACT

Following recent market engagement and a first wave of applications, we are pleased to announce that we received a large amount of interest in the roster and a high quality of applications.


In future, we may seek further applications to join the existing roster of experts.

What is the roster of experts for?

The roster of experts will help deliver a programme of peer-to-peer skill-shares with organisations in UK PACT’s partner countries with its objective of alleviating poverty through reducing emissions across the globe.

Who are we looking for?

Roster members will be required to have a high level of technical expertise within their field(s) and a track record of relevant experience. UK PACT roster members will be paid for their time, and reimbursed for the expenses incurred, when they are working on skill-shares.

Although it is the expertise of the individual we are interested in, and that we will be assessing in applications to the roster, it is expected that applications will be put forward by a legal entity, and that the contract would be signed with the entity. We are interested in people from a range of professions, including, but not limited to, policy makers, financial experts, lawyers, programme managers, engineers, academics, and consultants.

Why should you apply?

Being part of our community of experts is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Support poverty alleviation through accelerating the climate transition
  • Support and contribute to the UK’s climate change ambition at a global level
  • Develop your personal network with individuals and organisations across the UK and the world

Register your interest

To register your interest please complete the form on this page. We will then send you further information and FAQs, and your details will be added to our roster stakeholder database, so you are guaranteed notification when the next recruitment window opens.