Building capacity on climate transition risks in Colombia’s public and financial sectors

Led by:  Universidad de los Andes                                                (Centro de Finanzas Sostenibles)
Sector: Finance

“We are convinced that this project, financed by UK PACT, will deliver high impact, since it is based on education as a fundamental tool for changing behaviour and cultural change in the financial sector.”

- Andrés Leonardo Jiménez, Subdirector de Sostenibilidad, Fasecolda

This project is combining applied research and training to improve knowledge, expertise and readiness on climate transition risks. During the first phase, 30 projects were designed by public and financial institutions to better manage climate transition risks from their different roles as policymakers, investors and insurers. In its second phase, the project will deepen the preparation and call to action towards a smooth and just transition to a new climate economy. Research and capacity-building will be carried out to empower subnational governments to drive key regions to new opportunities for green and equitable development. Similarly, the project will target additional stakeholders from the financial sector to enhance skills in climate-related risks.

“The project has brought together over 90 public, private and academic stakeholders to generate new knowledge and build capacity regarding climate change, its risks, and opportunities. The consortium CFS-Uniandes, WTW and 2DII is committed with the climate agenda to continue preparing Colombia for a just and inclusive climate transition through research, training and stakeholder articulation.”

- Clemente del Valle, Director, Centro Regional de Finanzas Sostenibles, Universidad de los Andes

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