Peace with nature: a meaningful pathway for reincorporating ex-combatants and improving livelihoods

Led by:  University of Sydney
Sector:  Nature

“Our project uses the affinity of ex-combatants with the environment, fauna and flora, to empower them with skills and knowledge on biodiversity, conservation and sustainable ecosystem services.

- Jaime Góngora, Peace with Nature Project Principal Investigator, University of Sydney

This project aims to empower and reincorporate former FARC-EP guerrilla combatants with the skills and knowledge to document, monitor and protect Colombia’s biodiversity and promote sustainable agriculture, environmental restoration and sustainable green bio-economy initiatives. Its main focus will be on increasing ex-combatants’ capacities on biodiversity and ecotourism topic- helping to build their abilities to document biodiversity, to apply ecotourism good practices and to develop commercialisation networks. Key project partners in the UK are the Eden Project and the University of Exeter.

University of Sydney photo 2

Murals of peace and biodiversity at the houses of the excombatants settlements in Montañita, Caquetá province. (Photo by Jaime Gongora)