Nature-positive beef market in Colombia

Led by:  WWF (UK) and WWF (Colombia)
Sector:  Nature

"We are proud to be part of this alliance that strengthens Grupo Éxito's sustainable livestock model. In recent years we have been working with our direct suppliers of live cattle through awareness and joint work in the conservation of ecosystems, meat quality and animal welfare, contributing to the economic, social and environmental development of the country.

- Carlos Mario Giraldo Moreno, CEO, Grupo Éxito

“We want to propose differentiated approaches to livestock production models in Colombia in the retail sector so they can make a significant contribution to conservation. With our project, and in alliance with Grupo Exito, we seek to achieve the sustainable production of livestock and manage the loss of natural ecosystems and threats to biodiversity.”

- Camilla Cammaert, Sustainable Food Systems Coordinator, WWF Colombia

This project is working to improve the beef supply chain of Colombia’s largest domestic retail buyer of beef. It will consolidate a nature-positive business model that integrates conservation and zero net deforestation attributes as a requirement for the Colombian retail market, implementing conservation measures, transparency and traceability, as a commercial requirement. This will contribute to carbon emissions reductions compatible with Colombia’s climate targets.