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The UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund aims to develop a portfolio of bold projects that address specific low-carbon challenges.

The Green Recovery Challenge Fund is one of three core components of UK PACT, and supports novel and scalable projects that are supporting the acceleration of the low-carbon transition. Projects must be focused on sustainable solutions in ODA-eligible countries; ensuring that they show measurable changes, promote social inclusion and inspire future programmes to drive climate ambition meeting local and global needs.

UK PACT works with partner countries, supporting them to accelerate their clean growth transitions, meeting the demand for high quality skills and expertise aligned with UK leadership and experience.

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Guidance document (PDF)

Application process

The application will be a two-step process: Expression of Interest (EOI), followed by full proposal for shortlisted applicants. Only organisations registered as not-for-profit organisations are eligible to be the lead Implementing Partner of a proposal/consortium. For-profit organisations can participate in the call for proposals as partners within a consortium.

When the funding round is launched, applying organisations should register their interest and create an account for the portal where application submissions will be uploaded. Applicants should then complete an EOI application form for their funding window of choice. The EOI will collect general information about the organisation, eligibility information, project details and funding requirements.

Applicants who are successful at EOI will be invited to submit a full proposal. The full proposal will require greater detail about the project, including relevant stakeholders, beneficiaries, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) considerations, project risks, intended outcomes, milestones, tasks and a full budget breakdown of requested grant funding using a prescribed template – this will be made available to shortlisted applicants.

All applications must be completed in English. The following content is available to provide all the necessary support for completing a UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund application:

  • The Guidance Document
  • The FAQs document
  • Expression of Interest Template
  • Accountable Grant Arrangement
  • Detailed theme information

The template for the full proposal will be made available to shortlisted applicants. Should any further support be needed, the UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund team will be available to provide assistance during the application process. For support, please email


Application Process Diagram


Assessment process

All applications will be subject to competitive assessment to ensure that funded projects meet UK PACT's aim of supporting the acceleration of the low-carbon transition as well as demonstrating value for money.

At EOI, projects will be assessed for their eligibility as pass/fail. Eligible projects will then be scored to assess their potential for transformational change (interventions that catalyse further changes and/or enable faster change to occur) and deliverability (expected likelihood of successful delivery of the project).

At full proposal, projects will be assessed on the greater level of detail provided for potential for transformational change and deliverability. Proposals will also be assessed on how well they demonstrate value for money throughout the application.

Details of the scoring criteria and weightings can be found in the guidance document.

In addition to scoring against the defined criteria, projects will be carefully selected to ensure a complementary portfolio balanced in theme, region and levels of novelty. Distribution across countries will also be considered.

Demand-led themes

For the 2022 funding round, we‘ll be focusing on the following demand-led themes. If you wish to find out about themes that we have previously funded, please visit our main page.



MRV tools for forests, land use and agriculture

supports emissions reduction efforts and generates economic opportunities in Asia and Latin America by improving the sustainability of forest and agricultural practices through accurate measuring, reporting and verification (MRV).
Find out more


Greening financial systems

continues its work in Asia to mainstream climate-related financial risks and opportunities in order to unlock investments that contribute to achieving net zero goals and a just transition.
Find out more

Check your eligibility

Potential applicants can use the following form to quickly check whether their project would be eligible for funding.

1. Do you have a project idea that accelerates the low-carbon transition and promotes a greener, fairer, more resilient future?

Thank you for your interest, however UK PACT only supports projects working towards these aims so may not be an appropriate programme for your project
Yes No

2. Will your proposed project be implemented in one or more of the following target ODA-eligible countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, India, Malaysia, Peru, Thailand or Vietnam

Thank you for your interest, however at this time the UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund is only operating in these countries
Yes No

3. Does your proposed project aim to deliver capacity building1 in one of the following areas?

  • Greening financial systems in India, Malaysia, Thailand or Vietnam

  • MRV for land use in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, India, Malaysia, Peru, Thailand or Vietnam

Thank you for your interest, however at this time we are only accepting applications for these particular themes in their respective regions. Future funding rounds may focus on different themes and regions. Register your interest on the website to stay up to date about future funding opportunities
Yes No

4. Is there demand for your proposed project from local beneficiaries2?

UK PACT is a demand led programme and all applications will have to demonstrate how the proposed project responds to demand and has the support of intended beneficiaries
Yes No

5. Is your project expected to cost less than £500,000 per annum to implement3?

Thank you for your interest, however at this time the UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund only supports projects that cost less than £500,000 per annum to implement
Yes No

6. Is your project expected to take up to one year to implement?4

Thank you for your interest, however at this time the UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund only supports projects which are less than 1 year in duration
Yes No

7. Is the applying organisation a not-for-profit organisation?

All UK PACT Green recovery Challenge Fund projects must be led by a not-for-profit organisation, however for profit organisations can still be part of a consortium of partners
Yes No

8. Eligible organisations include local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society organisations, research institutes and not for profit private sector companies. Government bodies and agencies are not eligible for this scheme. Are you an eligible organisation to apply?

Thank you for your interest. Government bodies and agencies may be the beneficiaries of the technical assistance provided, but are not eligible to apply directly to access funding
Yes No

Answering "yes" to all the questions above indicates that your project is eligible to apply for funding. Please click here to register an account for the application portal.

If some of your answers were “no”, your project may not eligible, but it might be with some adjustments. Please review the material on this page and the guidance document to read more about the types of projects we are looking to support.

[1] Capacity building is the development and strengthening of human and institutional resources. Please note, UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund is intended for capacity building through sharing information and expertise, training and consulting services only.

[2] Those organisations or groups of individuals who will benefit from the change that the project will deliver.

[3] Project proposals do not need to cost the maximum per annum budget and proposal budgets should be well matched with their objectives and outputs. Project that cost more than this can be funded through co-funding, however the cost to UK PACT should not exceed £500,000 per annum.

[4] Project proposals shall be funded for at least one year of activity. Funding beyond the initial 12months is not guaranteed, but we welcome proposals that can demonstrate how a project might be extended to further years with additional funding.

Guidance materials


The following documents have been created to support you during the application process.

Accountable Grant Arrangement (PDF)

Guidance document (PDF)

Expression of Interest template (PDF)

FAQs document (PDF)

Please find detailed information on the themes that are being covered for this Funding Round at the below pages.

Greening financial systems
Measuring, reporting and verification

Application guidance video


Watch this step-by-step guide through the application process with hints and tips along the way. Please see below the chapter timings as a quick reference guide:

Chapter timings

00:04 – How to apply

00:35 – Registration process

01:18 – Selecting your call for proposals

02:08 – Filling in the form

05:19 – Navigation menu

05:58 – Homepage

06:32 – Additional help

Clarification questions contact details


Should any further support be needed, the UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund team will be available to provide assistance during the application process. For support, please email Clarification questions will be accepted until 30th May, after which all responses will be published in the FAQ document on the website. Please note that the team will not be able to support with queries regarding the suitability of projects on a case by case basis. For suitability information, please review the detail on this page, as well as information on the themes on their respective pages.

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