UK PACT supports Colombia’s climate goals with £7.8m for new and extended transformational projects

19 May 2022

The Colombia–UK PACT programme has today announced the selection of four new innovative projects to support Colombia’s transition to a greener and more resilient future. These projects will support Colombia’s climate action priorities, with a focus on implementing and promoting nature-based solutions to climate change.

In addition, Colombia-UK PACT has announced that it is extending 15 projects from its current portfolio for a further 12 months. Together with the new projects, this expanded portfolio will continue to deliver real-world climate action across priority areas, building on the successes of previous phases, which include:
  • Supporting the design and launch of the National Green Taxonomy and providing the first comprehensive framework for financial institutions and corporations to move towards greener investment and assets
  • Accelerating sustainable mobility, by creating the first national network for fleet renewal of road freight transport and low emissions freight transportation
  • Supporting sustainable livelihoods and nature-based solutions, by building one of the first networks of climate-smart farmers in the country.

What new projects is Colombia-UK PACT funding?

  • Nature-based resilient cities: led by ICLEI, this project will support the implementation of the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development’s “Biodiverciudades” (“Biodivercities”) initiative. It will select and promote key nature-based investments in cities that maximise human well-being and ecosystem conservation, while also building a national network for nature-based resilient cities.
  • Empowerment for non-timber forest products value chain actors in the Colombian Amazon region: the SINCHI Institute has partnered with the cosmetic company NATURA to support associations of producers of non-timber forest products in the Amazon region to accelerate their bio-businesses and support their integration into the value chain.
  • Reincorporating ex-combatants by documenting and protecting biodiversity through ecotourism: led by the University of Sydney, this project will empower ex-combatants in Colombia’s post-conflict areas with skills and knowledge to document, monitor and protect Colombian biodiversity and promote sustainable agriculture, environmental restoration, and green bioeconomy initiatives.
  • Building a nature-positive beef market at the retail level in Colombia: led by WWF UK and WWF Colombia, this project, working with a major retailer, will promote sustainable livestock systems, restoration and conservation strategies in the domestic beef market, helping improve livelihoods while reducing deforestation.

Welcoming the news, British Ambassador to Colombia, Colin Martin-Reynolds CMG, said:

We celebrate the 19 projects that make up the new portfolio of the UK PACT programme. On this occasion, the UK investment amounts to £7.8 million. The projects will be focused on the sectors of energy, green finance, sustainable livelihoods, climate policy, sustainable mobility and nature-based solutions, and respond to the priorities of Colombia. This portfolio will support the implementation of Colombia's climate commitments under the Paris Agreement.

The four new projects will each receive grants of between £300,000 and around £500,000, which will enable them to work at the national and regional level to build capacity and provide recommendations to public and private institutions. In line with the priorities of the Colombian government, they will help to cement a nature-positive approach, safeguard the country’s rich biodiversity, promote sustainable livelihoods, while supporting Colombia to meet its ambitious climate commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by 2030 and to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Meanwhile, in their new 2022-2023 phase, the 15 extended projects will build on the results achieved in 2021-22, working to ensure uptake of delivered support with beneficiaries and communities and helping to unlock additional public and private finance. They will also continue to address Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) by implementing approaches and activities to empower women and other marginalised groups in several regions of Colombia, including the Amazon.

This expanded portfolio builds on the UK and Colombia’s long history of climate collaboration. Through the Partnership for Sustainable Growth, both countries have committed to work together in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement, a commitment reiterated by both countries at COP26 in Glasgow with ambitious new commitments. These new and extended UK PACT projects are among the transformational tools that are helping to turn these words into actions.

Read more about the portfolio on the Colombia-UK PACT web page or in our Projects page. For an overview of UK PACT’s breadth of work in Colombia, watch our video. Find out more about the Partnership for Sustainable Growth.

Notes to editors

Lead organisations and partners implementing the four new projects:

Lead organisation Consortia partners Sector
ICLEI (Colombia) ICLEI SAMS (Brazil), World Resources Institute WRI (Mexico) and Humboldt Institute Nature-based solutions
Instituto SINCHI (Colombia) NATURA Cosméticos LTDA (Colombia) Nature-based solutions
University of Sydney N/A Nature-based solutions
WWF (UK) and WWF (Colombia) Grupo Éxito Nature-based solutions

Read about the 15 projects in the Colombia-UK PACT portfolio being extended:

Implementing partner Consortium partners What is the project about?
Arup (Colombia)


Planning green infrastructure: pre-feasibility study and capacity building for the City-Region Bike Network for the municipalities of Cali, Jamundi, Candelaria, Yumbo, and Palmira

Carbon Trust

The Imperial College London
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Developing Colombia’s smart grid market as a key instrument to improve energy efficiency, energy auto-generation and sustainable supply options

Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)

Metrix Finanzas

Supporting the Colombian taxonomy implementation, which will provide clarity to the financial market on what activities are green


The New York University
Marron Institute of Urban Planning

Providing a first analysis of territorial planning in Colombia, identifying improvements for land use from a sustainability perspective

Fundación Alisos

Rainforest Alliance

Wildlife Conservation Society

Strengthening forest and landscape restoration and promoting sustainable livelihoods in post-conflict regions in the Colombian Amazon

Fundación para el progreso de la región Bogotá

GSD Plus

Helping to create a sustainable, efficient and multimodal public transport system for Bogota and 12 municipalities

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)


Advancing Colombia’s energy transition and helping provide sustainable and affordable energy solutions to vulnerable and isolated rural communities and households

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)


Working with the National Department of Planning to help improve the implementation of Colombia’s national policy for green growth and development of new bioeconomy businesses

Grupo E3

Acorn Tourism Consulting
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Think Galapagos

Leveraging the potential of community-based ecotourism in biodiversity hotspots as a means to sustain rural livelihoods and reduce deforestation

Los Viajes del Boga (Awake)


Reducing deforestation in the Amazon, Orinoquia and Pacific regions by strengthening nature tourism and increasing ambition for forest conservation

Organization for Environmental Education and Protection (OpEPA)

The Climate Reality Project

Developing a long-term vision for low-carbon energy and transport at the subnational level.


The Nature Conservancy

Improving the uptake of climate-smart agricultural practices that promote the protection of soil, water and biodiversity


Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Promoting the inclusion of climate change risks into investment decisions by institutional investors, including pension and private funds, insurance companies, and banks

Universidad de los Andes

Willis Tower Watson (Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
2Degrees Investing Initiative

Combining applied research and training to improve knowledge, expertise and readiness on climate transition risks

Universidad de los Andes Bogotá

Cardiff University

Working in collaboration with key transport beneficiaries to help decarbonise Colombia’s road freight sector


About the UK PACT programme

  • Since its launch in 2018, UK PACT has funded 34 projects worth approximately £21m in Colombia. The 2022 portfolio will build on the earlier achievements of these low-carbon solutions and on the previous success of ColombiaUK PACT projects.